About Women & Spirituality

Our conference is the annual opportunity for the professional woman to recharge her battery,get great new idea and learn more about balancing life and work and influences on her career in an empowering, respectful,challenging, fun ambiance on the great island of Curaçao.

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Conference 2016
‘About Women and Spirituality’


Sister Bevki (Sint Maarten) 
is an active member of Brahma Kumaris, the largest spiritual organization in the world led by women. She has more than 30 years with Brahma Kumaris.She is known for her spiritual activities focusing on peace and a better world. She is also in charge of "Link of Love” daily inspirational messages via internet.Brahma Kumaris was founded in India in 1937, has spread to over 110 countries on all continents, and has had an extensive impact in many sectors as an international NGO. 

Judith Noel (USA)provides organizational change consultation and personal coaching to the leadership of institutions and corporations in order to help them meet the challenges of the new economy and a changing workforce. Her 35-year career includes cross cultural applications of human relations practices in several global companies. Judith has held positions of: educator, psychologist, organization development consultant, manager, business executive, facilitator, company owner, innovator, and entrepreneur. She has served on boards of directors, has authored organization simulations and training models, and is published and cited in professional books and journals. 

Dr. Richenel Ansano (Curaçao)is a cultural anthropologist and native of Curaçao, where he has done community education, cultural research, and policy work. Richenel practices as a healer who works with silenced spiritualities, narratives, and embodiments of historic trauma, suppressed wisdom traditions, and body wisdom. He pays particular attention to memories and memorialization of histories of power and injustice in colonial and postcolonial societies and in the African Diaspora. His continued involvement in collaborative healing work provided to doctors and other caregivers in the USA has contributed to healing wounded healers in significant ways. His two daughters, Aisha and Naomi Ansano, remain his greatest teachers.