About us

Our conference is the annual opportunity for the professional woman to recharge her battery, get great new ideas and learn more about balancing life and work and influences on her career in an empowering, respectful, challenging, fun ambiance on the great island of Curaçao. 


To realize a different, comfortable, safe, empowering, women friendly meeting place and space for professional women of all ages where knowledge and wisdom is exchanged and transferred in a professional and relaxing sphere and where women can create and expand friendships with the necessary support for their families.
To have the real history of the working life and experience of women in the Caribbean documented and available for history.


Our mission is to create the opportunities for professional women to fulfill and support their needs to combine work and private life in a most beneficial way; To offer knowledge and wisdom to women looking for any additional support in their daily work by creating regular supporting activities; To collaborate with others to achieve our mission; To be, via our projects, a stable support for professional women in their working life.

To achieve our mission we partnered and will continue to do so with senior professionals (male and female); considered to be visionaries in their life career. We are achieving our mission with the support of partners, supporters, participants and via special projects.