Outstanding woman 2006

Our conference is the annual opportunity for the professional woman to recharge her battery, get great new idea and learn more about balancing life and work and influences on her career in an empowering,respectful,challenging, fun ambiance on the great island of Curaçao.

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This celebration of women at the end of the third annual conference ‘About Women and Image’ was also the opportunity for the organisation of the whole event to give recognition, the outstanding woman award, to Mrs. Nilda Juliana as a woman with outstanding results in her work that also created work opportunity for women and her help for working women. 
For BISInc (Bright Ideas and Services Incorporated), the organizer of the conference ‘About Women and Image’, it is necessary to consider in the reality of nowadays valuable contributions, often in a quiet manner, to the development of women, as is the case with Mrs. Nilda Juliana and her cleaning business ‘Servisio na bo Òrdu’ (At your service).

On the picture initiator and organizer Reyna Joe with the first Outstanding Woman Nilda Juliana.