Outstanding woman 2008

Our conference is the annual opportunity for the professional woman to recharge her battery,get great new idea and learn more about balancing life and work and influences on her career in an empowering,respectful,challenging, fun ambiance on the great island of Curaçao.

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Mila Palm outstanding woman 2008 .The organization of the annual women conference at Curacao recognized Mila Palm as the outstanding woman of 2008. The jurors where Dr. Peggy Dolet of Washington, Mr. Yeye van Genderen Naar of Belgium and Orphaline Saleh of Bonaire had a hard task to choose the winner out of 4 nominees that dedicated their career to benefit women and their family.

The panel chose Mila Palm because of the work done and the ones that she’s still doing for benefits for the women and their children.

Mila Palm was surprised for this recognition and was extremely thankful for valuing her work that she’s still doing with her 72 years of life.

On the picture can be seen from leftt to right Mila Palm outstanding woman 2008 and organizer Reyna Joe.