Outstanding woman 2009

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2009 Outstanding Woman Lucina da Costa Gomes Matheeuws

Lucina da Costa Gomes Matheeuws was awarded during the 6th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao ‘About Women and Opportunity’ the 2009 Outstanding Woman Award.
She was chosen for the work done in 1972 as the first female Prime Minister in the Netherlands Antilles where she changed the law for the ability to act of married women.
The law was that a married woman needed permission from her husband to act independently when buying anything, even if it was with money she had saved.
Meaning that if a woman wanted to buy a refrigerator she had to give her husband the money to go and buy it for her.
With the new law married women could act independently and sign legal papers too.

On the picture Outstanding Woman
Lucina da Costa Gomes Matheeuws.