Outstanding woman 2012

Outstanding Woman 2012: Maria Carmen Hellmund-Boom

WILLEMSTAD - Maria Carmen Hellmund-Boom better known as Shon Chechi, is the 2012 Outstanding Woman. Shon Chechi was born in Bonaire on April 25, 1898 and passed away on March 9, 1961.
The recognition was presented during the Celebration of Women at the opening of the 9th Annual Women Conference in Curacao 'About Women and Influence' organized by BISInc.
The Celebration of Women started with an incredible fantastic show of the Magik Circus and singer Donna Nieveld.
 The 2012 Outstanding Woman, Shon Chechi, even without being with us at this moment is still a role model for each professional woman. She was in her days a prominent member of the Democratic Party in Bonaire, member of the island council of Bonaire, deputy lieutenant governor of Bonaire and a commissioner for the island when she passed away.
Her achievements and public positions opened the path for many women to have public functions today in the Dutch Caribbean islands making it possible for women to be accepted in these positions.
The jurors decided that Shon Chechi is a woman of whose achievements professional women today can still benefit. Her grandson Paul de Windt, who nominated her, accepted the recognition, an elegant high heel shoe made by artist Gala Martinus.
 Congratulation goes to each woman who consciously benefits from what Maria Carmen Hellmund-Boom still means in their career.
The pictures show moments during the Celebration of Women and the award moment of the 2012 Outstanding Woman.