Outstanding woman 2013

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Outstanding Woman 2013 Crisma Henriquez Ramirez

Curaçao entrepreneur Crisma Henriquez Ramirez became during the 10th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao ‘About Women and Vision’ the 2013 Outstanding Woman. She was nominated by her grandson Nahim Attaf. Crisma Henriquez Ramirez comes from the neighborhood Wishi/Marchena, and started her funeral house Agensia Funerario Señorial in 1984 after working many jobs, selling product, vegetables, clothes, make up and more going door to door in Curaçao.

She married at a young age Abdul Karim Attaf and three boys were born in this marriage. But her husband and two small sons were killed at once during a fatal traffic accident. She continued despite sudden life challenges to live with her son Sanin, remarried 13 years after the biggest tragic in her life and got another son Edelbert Henriquez. She separated from her second husband and continued to raise her two boys on her own.

At the age of 42 she went to Puerto Rico where she got training in how to start a funeral house.Back in Curaçao she started Agensia Funerario Señorial in a bedroom in her house at Groot Kwartier.

With her funeral business it was possible for her to create employment for many people with her focus on young trainees who went to her to learn about the work in a funeral house.The Outstanding Woman is 72 years old and still goes to work every day.

The recognition awarded to her is a high heel shoe art piece .


On the picture  Outstanding Woman 2013 Crisma Henriquez Ramirez.